About Studio

Prohram Studio is a team of architects, icon painters, restorers, designers and artists, each of whom is an expert in their field. In cooperation with craftsmen who specialize in artistic forging, work with ceramic tiles, composite materials, stained glass, wood, stone and other professionals of monumental and decorative art, we work on the design, construction and decoration of Orthodox churches. The synthesis of the work of all specialists, which takes place in the workshop, gives a single holistic and harmonious image of the interior and exterior of the building.

The main field of work of the workshop is church building. We offer a full range of design services: from sketch proposals to completion of construction and commissioning of the object, including author's supervision, support in construction and interior works. Approval of projects and passing the state expertise is carried out in cooperation with proven licensed design organizations.

The workshop is also engaged in the restoration and painting of icons, object and environmental design, making church furniture and utensils, decorative objects, exhibition projects and research work in the field of church art.

All steps of work are agreed with the customer. There are discussions and coordination at the stages of determining the stylistic solution, selection of samples, preparation of sketches and subsequent elaboration of details.
An Orthodox church is not just a building for worship services and meetings of believers; it is genuine theology in stone, expressed in the symbolism of architecture and iconography. Therefore, the design and decoration of temples is the responsibility of architects and artists who understand the liturgy, theology, symbolic aspects of the temple, its architecture and decoration, as well as historical traditions and modern trends in church building and art in general. Making objects of decorative and applied art also requires not only a vision of beauty and certain skills, but also deep ecclesiastical knowledge.

Restoration of icons and making new icons is the task of icon painters and restorers. They do it responsibly, skillfully and with understanding appropriate to the job.

Architects and artists of the workshop do not only have professional secular education, but also higher theological education. In addition, we are improving steadily, which is helped by our own experience and cooperation with other craftsmen, architects and engineers, as well as additional training and professional development in the field of church art, architecture, and restoration.

Our work is inseparable from the church tradition and liturgical life. In addition to this, our work in architecture includes detailed consideration of all the spaces necessary for the activities of the congregation, engineering and structural parts of the project, interiors and work with materials. Our icon painters use natural pigments, quality boards, gesso and other materials. Restoration process is carried out in accordance with the techniques of both church and museum restoration.

Studio Awards

Prohram Studio is the winner of the section on temple architecture of the international festival "Zodchestvo" (gold, three silver medals and commemorative diplomas - 2020-2022), and has other awards.
The studio designs churches and secular buildings: architecture, structures and engineering networks. Makes calculations and complete documentation for construction. Performs designer's supervision.
The studio designs the interior and exterior decoration of newly built churches as well as those in need of restoration. We strive for harmony of interior and exterior, unity of styles
The studio makes worship utensils and interior décor. Creates products from metal (choruses, lattices, decor, roofing work), stone (ceramics, bas-reliefs, tiles), wood (furniture, iconostases, doors) and much more. We have our own production workshops in Russia and Belarus
We design and manufacture tombstones, memorial crosses, memorials, portable belfries, entrance groups and much more
The Studio's artists create iconographic images within the Orthodox tradition: wedding couples, family icons, tilting and kissing icons, and icons for iconostases
The studio organizes exhibitions, develops projects of expositions: from ideas to printing banners and decorating stands
The studio designs prints, logos, and other graphic design services

studio team

CEO and Head of Studio
Artist, designer
Lead Architect
Assistant Manager
Lead Architect
Architect, Designer
Head of Production in Minsk
Architect, Designer
Artist, designer
Architect-designer, painter, icon painter
Icon painter
Graphic Designer
Egor Goncharov
Architect, 3D artist
Graphic Designer
Administrative Manager
Timofey Luskin
Project Manager
Intern, architectural design student
Natalia Elchaninova
Artist, master of stained glass
Zhanna Morozova
Artist, master of stained glass
Artemiy Salikov
Artist, master of stained glass
Editor, curator of exhibition projects