the holy Royal Martyrs. The way of the cross and resurrection

This 94-page album contains materials about the life's journey of the family of Emperor Nicholas II and their entourage. It presents the era from Emperor Alexander III and the birth of the future Tsar to the martyrdom of the Royal Family in 1918.

The album contains many historical photographs. Here, one can see documents, personal belongings, and diaries. There is information about the life of the Royal Family, their service to God and the Fatherland, and their works of mercy and care for the Church. Historical facts are presented. The text of the album is based on diary entries and memories of witnesses to those events, as well as on the words of prominent clergy and intellectuals. This helps to have a clear inside look at both the life and achievements of the Royal Family and the events of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.
The album shows in detail the childhood and youth of the future Tsar and Tsarina. It notes the important state and church affairs in which they participated. It reveals the beauty of their family relationships and parenting. There is a lot of material about each individual member of the Royal Family so that the reader can get a true image of their lives and characters. There is a brief overview of the history of the House of Romanov, from the offer of the crown to Mikhail Romanov in 1613 to the sacrificial feat of Emperor Nicholas II.

There are special materials about loyal servants who followed the Royal Martyrs into exile with courage and fidelity. They shared their suffering and set an example of worthy service to God, the Fatherland, and loyalty to the oath and honor.

Of special importance are the pages covering the Via Crucis of the Royal Family. This is the period from the abdication of Nicholas II to his execution on July 17, 1918, in Yekaterinburg. Detailed notes and memoirs, as well as illustrations, make it possible to share this path with the Royal Martyrs in contemplation and to come into spiritual contact with the last year of their lives and their martyrdom.

The final part of the album concerns the veneration of the Royal Martyrs in the 20th century and their canonization. There is a special presentation of the connection between the Royal Family and the Belarusian land, both during their lifetime and after their glorification as the Holy Passion-Bearers.
The album is recommended for publication by the Publishing Council of the Belarusian Orthodox Church (code IS-B21-102-0008). Those interested in buying it are welcome to contact Prohram Studio directly.
Design concept, work with texts and archival materials: Prohram Studio
Graphic design, layout: Elena Shabad