Alexander Nevsky Cathedral
(repair works and decoration)

The request for planning in the temple was to propose the elements of the façades, entrance gantries, to develop a roofed street candlestick, adjust the steps to a given mark, work out the overlaps of pits and so on.
There was the task to suggest a design of a new floor, to elaborate the heating and lighting, to come up with the concept of repairing the basement and some parts of the altar. A separate task was to reconstruct the chapel.

We carried out a large amount of design work. Some of it was implemented, some of it was postponed for further work or is being carried out gradually because the works are carried out in parallel with the life of the parish. Here you can see only some of our design solutions.

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in Minsk, repair works and decoration project, orthodox architecture, sacred architecture
Project: Repair works on the Church of the Holy Prince Alexander Nevsky.
Location: Military Cemetery, 11, Kozlov str., Minsk, Belarus
Stage: architectural project
Year: 2016

We built a 3D model of the temple with all the internal vaults. Some external shapes are made in mass. The project of individual external lamps of the main portal and electrical outdoor lamps was developed. We proposed the variants of pit overlaps. We made a reconstruction of the entrance group to the territory according to the old photo, and designed a street lampstand.
We designed the entrance to the altar from the east side. We proposed to place memorial plaques with the names of deceased church clergymen and warriors in memory of whom the temple had been constructed in one of the niches in the north of the temple.
There are some proposed modifications to the placement of some kiots in the interior. The location of the so-called "portable church", a wooden structure that can be used to hold divine services in the open air, was changed. We proposed options for filling the window apertures, as well as parts of the sanctuary and the basement. We also made furniture projects.
The engineering system of heating and floor heating devices with the choice of necessary devices and lighting scheme was worked out in detail for the project.

The architectural project of reconstruction of the chapel was executed separately. The vaulted ceiling in the interior was opened - it was flat before the reconstruction. An apse was added. The system of circulation of holy water with the opportunity to draw and refill it was developed. Proposals were made for the northern and southern façades with the placement of mosaics framed by carved stone.
The design of the natural stone floor covering was approved by the customer and the scientific supervisor of the site. There are also four additional variants.
Project development: Dmitry Ostroumov
Architect Technician: Olga Senkova
Sketches of paintings and stained-glass windows: art workshops of the St. Elisabeth Convent, Minsk
Project Support: April Architectural Workshop LLC.
Internal utilities (IU): Kermibel LLC.