For the Annunciation Church in Gabievsky village (Sverdlovsk Oblast, Russia) we have chosen the concept of an ascetic interior. It should not be completely filled with decor and murals, making emphasis on significant images instead. It should have a developed iconographic program. Some decisions are due to the restricted budget of the project.
One of the key elements of the project is the design of the floors. It is the intersection of various spheres, symbolizing the movement of the human soul through life and its spiritual growth. Each sphere represents a certain stage of formation, both temporal and personal.
The sanctuary barrier will be made of carved limestone with some decoration. The Royal door and the deacons' doors are supposed to be wooden with metal inserts. The basis of the sanctuary barrier is a brick wall, thus the main icons will be made as frescoes.
The sanctuary furniture – the altar, the prothesis, the synthronon – is designed ascetically. It has minimal decor that does not distract attention during prayer and liturgical service.
The murals of the church present a unique program. It reveals the meaning of its dedication to the Annunciation and includes various Marian scenes. The main focus is on the fresco of the Savior Almighty in the main dome. From this icon emanate the spiral fractal rays, reminiscent of the cosmic arms of galaxies. These rays symbolize the connection with the angelic world, reflected in the iconography.
The decorative plaster material using lime is chosen for the finishing of the walls. It creates the effect of an uneven surface with cracks and scuffs, giving the interior an atmosphere of antiquity and warmth. In some places, the walls are left without plaster to show the beauty of the brickwork and local Ural stones used in the construction of the church. Stone icon cases, fences for choir galleries and chandeliers with lighting fixtures are also designed. The project supposes to create a bright interior, helping to focus on inner prayer and full participation in worship.
Head of the project: Dmitry Ostroumov
Artist: Maria Latyshonok