Augustów Mother of God lower church

Location: Alapaevsk, Russia
Heads of the project: Dmitry Ostroumov, Irina Brel
Architect: Kristina Vasina
Artists: Irina Brel, Alesia Petsko, Anton Daineko, Vladislava Brignevich
Year: 2023
The lower baptistery church of the Alexander Nevsky Church in Alapaevsk is named in honor of the Augustów Icon of the Mother of God. This icon depicts the miraculous appearance of the Theotokos to the Russian army near Augustów (now a city in eastern Poland) in 1914, at the beginning of the First World War.

In the center of the church, there will be a baptismal font in the shape of a cross, with three steps and railings. The font will be made of marble and decorated with carvings and mosaic inlays.

This option has been accepted for execution:
In the sanctuary, there is the Mandylion Icon of the Lord. The iconostasis barrier is low, of the Byzantine type. It consists of two full-height icons of Christ Pantocrator and Hodegetria, Mother of God. On the Royal Doors, there is an icon of the Annunciation. On the Deacon's Doors, there are images of the flourishing Tree of the Cross. The altar barrier is made of marble and limestone with carvings and mosaic inserts. The Royal Doors and the Deacon's Doors are made of wood and metal.

The sanctuary has two stained-glass window openings. In the northern window opening, above the altar, there is the icon of “Christ in the Tomb.”

On the northern wall, there is an icon of the Holy Royal Passion-Bearers in an icon case and a large fresco of the Baptism of the Lord. On both sides of it, there are images of the Archangel Gabriel and the Most Pure Virgin Mary (the Annunciation scene).

On the southern wall, there is the Augustów icon of the Mother of God in an icon case and a large fresco of the Crucifixion of the Savior. On both sides of it, there are the icons “The Entombment of Christ” and “The Resurrection of Christ.”
On the ceiling, there is the icon of Our Lady of the Sign, surrounded by fiery Seraphim. There is also the Hetoimasia (the Throne of the Second Coming), surrounded by the apostles, selected prophets of the Old Testament, and angels. The ceiling is decorated with floral patterns.

Adjacent to the ceiling is a frieze with the text of the Creed, which is professed by those being baptized or by their godparents on their behalf. The text is written in an ornamental font.

The floor is made of marble. It is decorated with an ornament referencing the river waves.

The project includes the designs for the altar, throne, prothesis, seven-branched candleholder, analogions, candlestick, benches, as well as lamps and sconces.

The surface of the walls is decorated with carved marble. It is decorated with floral and symbolic cross-centric ornaments.

The doorway is framed by pilasters topped with carved capitals and a decorative architrave.