Reconstruction project for the Holy Blessed Matrona of Moscow church in Liubimovka

The following is the reconstruction project for the Holy Blessed Matrona of Moscow church. It is located in Moscow Region, Tarasovka village, Lesnaya Street. The reconstruction includes the extension of the northern aisle to the existing volume of the church. The existing premises have to be redeveloped too. The project also provides for changes in the entrance group of the church. The main task of the reconstruction of the temple was to increase its area, in particular, the area of the main prayer hall and the sanctuary. The chosen architectural solutions are characteristic of the existing building. They are also traditional for church architecture in general.
Project: Reconstruction project for the Holy Blessed Matrona of Moscow church in Liubimovka
Location: Russian Federation, Moscow oblast, Pushkinsky district, Tarasovka village, Lesnaya Street, sector 1
Capacity: 309 people
Stage: sketch design
Year: 2022
Head of the project: Dmitry Ostroumov
Architects: Polina Askarova, Galina Zhukovskaya, Valeria Sikorskaya
The existing building consists of the main prayer hall and the southern aisle attached to it earlier. Together their axial dimensions are 11.45 x 18.28 m in plan.
The project provides for an attachment of the northern aisle. Its axial dimensions are 6.87 x 18.28 m in plan. Its height to the ridge of the existing roof is ~ 7.3 m.
The extension is one-story with a basement floor and a built-in mezzanine (choirs). The main volume of the extension is covered with a shed roof, which is a continuation of the existing slope. The apse of the northern aisle is covered with a conch.

The designed entrance group unites separate entrances to the first and ground floors. These entrance portals are under a common canopy. The parishioners get to the level of the main prayer hall at mark 0.000 by the outer staircase. The entrance narthex and prayer halls of the southern and northern aisles with sanctuaries are also located on this floor. The project provides for a choir at +2.400 in the western part of the extension. The staircase leading to the choir is also the link between the first floor and the existing premises at +3.500. These premises are the choir, rooms for singers and the access to the belfry.
The attached basement of the building has a floor mark 0.9 m below the floor mark of the existing premises. The basement floor houses the entrance narthex and the existing prayer hall. From the prayer hall there is an access to the designed baptismal church through the internal staircase. Auxiliary and technical rooms are also located on the basement floor. As for redevelopment of the building, the existing wooden stairs from the first floor to the basement floor and to the choir will be dismantled. Two elevators are designed. There is one for three levels, it is located in the entrance narthex. The second elevator connects the sanctuaries of the basement floor and the first floor of the extension. The exit from the existing premises at the level of +3.500 is by the stairs in the extension. The arched openings in the existing outer wall will be made. This will ensure the functional connection between the existing and the designed part of the building.
The facades of the attached part are made in accordance with the facades of the existing building. There are arched windows, decorative pilasters, porticos, belt courses, framing of window openings. On the eastern and western walls of the extension there are niches with mosaic images. The main building material for the reconstruction of the church is bricks for the exterior walls. Exterior finishing is plastered facades decorated with fiber-reinforced concrete and (or) natural stone. The roofing is made of seam steel, painted black. The project is designed in line with the tradition of sacred architecture of the Orthodox Church.