Sketch design of a modern Orthodox church for the city in Southern Russia in the context of the dense development of a new urban quarter

The project was developed for a competition in contemporary urban development. It was necessary to move away from the usual appearance of the temple and rethink it in the context of modern architecture. The exterior image of the church is a synthesis. It has forms characteristic of Orthodox architecture. It also uses modern techniques of tectonics and design of the architectural environment.
Project: Sketch design of a modern Orthodox church in the context of the dense development of a new urban quarter
Location: Russia, Southern regions
Capacity: 280 people
Stage: sketch design
Year: 2022
Head of the project: Dmitry Ostroumov
Author of the concept, architect: Kristina Vasina
The walls protrude above the basement floor, adding lightness to the visual image of the church. Monumental planes alternate with stained-glass windows that give the facades a vertical rhythm. Thanks to the inserted stained-glass windows, the church will be lit with natural light inside. The lines of the façades emphasize how the visual composition tends upwards. The simple and laconic architecture is complemented by accent elements. There are decorative details made of stone and carved bas-reliefs. The conch of the apse is decorated with stone ornaments and gold leaf.
The church is designed as a one-storey building with a basement at -3.300 m and a choir at +4.500 m. The first floor consists of a narthex, main prayer hall, side galleries and a sanctuary. There is also a church kiosk on the first floor. The capacity of the church is 280 people. On the scheme of the ground floor, functional areas show engineering rooms, bathrooms, resting room, a refectory and a kitchen.