The studio has designed and manufactured the gazebo for the pilgrims. It is located on the territory of the Smolensk skete of the Transfiguration Monastery (Valaam Island, Republic of Karelia). The architecture of the gazebo corresponds to the style of the entire skete complex. It is focused on a combination of Old Russian and Neo-Russian styles.

The gazebo is located northwest of the main temple of the skete at the entrance to its territory. It is a one-story construction located on an elevated part of the relief, between the trees. This way it does not violate both the general architectural composition of the skete complex, and its natural component.

The height of the gazebo is 6.82 meters up to the decorative star at the top. Along the perimeter of the gazebo there are benches. The main volume of the building is covered with a pitched tent-shaped roof. The roof is covered with wood shingles. Inside the wooden base there is a metal frame. The wooden fence has decorative carved stone inserts to the right and left of the entrance. The lower railings and upper onlays feature colorful fused glass inserts. They blend perfectly with the trees and sky surrounding the gazebo. The function of the lower railings is to protect the pilgrims inside from the wind. The framing of the upper part of the gazebo, next to the roof, is of carved wood.

At the very top of the gazebo, there is a decorative stained-glass star. The entire project is completed under the main architectural and construction regulations. It takes into account the main functional, liturgical and symbolic features of the Orthodox sacred architecture.

A little later, the studio made and installed the metal stairs. Also, the base of the gazebo was lined with boulders.
Project: Gazebo for the pilgrims in the Smolensk Skete of the Valaam Transfiguration Monastery
Location: Valaam Island, Republic of Karelia, Russian Federation
Project manager: Dmitry Ostroumov
Architect: Valeria Sikorskaya
Execution: Prohram Studio under the direction of the master Vladimir Kanonik
Year: 2021