The church in Karelia

Project: The Church in Karelia
Head of the project: Dmitry Ostroumov
Authors: Dmitry Ostroumov, Alisa Faziakhmetova
Architects: Alisa Faziakhmetova, Elena Ostroumova, Galina Zhukovskaya
Constructor: Georgiy Streltsov
3D designer: Evgeniy Belyakovich
Stage: sketch project
Year: 2023

Master layout plan
1 : 500
The architecture of the church is marked with asceticism. It combines the features of the old churches of the Russian North and modern laconic frame buildings. One of the tasks was to fit it into the surrounding landscape. Due to the high base, lined with rough stone, it seems to grow out of the rock on which it stands.
The church will be built using frame house technology on a concrete foundation. It will be insulated with Ecowool cellulose, widely used in the area.

The temple will stand on a rock. So, due to the height difference, it is possible to arrange a refectory in the basement. The rock itself will be a part of its interior design. Stone elements will be used for the facade decoration. The facades will be covered with wooden planks, similar to a rainscreen (ventilated facade).
Option 1:
Option 2: