Home chapel in Minsk

The following is a sketch design of a home chapel for a large cottage house. The chapel is located on the ground floor. Light comes in through the stained-glass windows. There are two doors, one leading to the living room on the ground floor and the other leading to the terrace. The flooring is made of wood and natural stone. Where the flooring is wooden, a small table and two chairs will stand. The icon cases were designed to match the existing collection of icons, which determined their size. The three central icons will be painted specifically for this project. In order to make the ceiling feel less flat, it was decided to add large shapes at the corners. They are similar to vaults and pendentives, joined to the built-in wooden columns.
Location: Minsk
Project of the interiors: Prohram Studio
Artists: Maria Koroleva, Vladislav Pasternak
Year: 2023