The iconostasis project, made by the Prohram workshop, was designed for the Church in honor of St. George the Victory-Bearer in Rostov-on-the-Don. The design features included the original sketch developed by A. Soldatov and almost completed mosaic panels assembled by craftsmen under the supervision of A. Jasiukajć.

The iconostasis structure consists of a supporting metal framework made of stainless steel and hinged elements: stone, mosaic panels and supporting elements. The metal frame is designed according to its bearing capacity. Two types of profile pipes are laid: 40×40 and 40×20 mm. Vertical and horizontal rods are made in the shape of trusses. Detailed design of the frame is a complete technical task for the purchase of material and assembly. For ease of assembly, the metal frame design solution, in addition to the façade, is shown in the plans on five different levels and in four sections, on which the stone is marked.

iconostasis project, orthodox architecture, sacred architecture,sketch design
The sketch design of the iconostasis made by A.N. Soldatov
Separate drawings of plans with the hanging stone are made. A magnesite slab is fixed to the frame, on which moisture-resistant plywood, gypsum plasterboard, or mosaic panels are fixed in various parts of the structure. The stone is also hung on the plate attached to the metal frame; there are carved elements, panels, or friezes.

The design solution envisages the production of stone elements from Koelga marble. All sections of friezes, thickness of all panels and shapes of decor and pilasters with bases and capitals are designed. A separate part of the project is detailed life-size drawings of all stone carvings, which is the specifications for cutting. The upper horizontal templon, in addition to carving, is decorated with mosaic inserts. The lower templon, which ends with corner elements, passes into vertical extensions, resting on the tops of the side capitals.

iconostasis project, orthodox architecture, sacred architecture,sketch design
Perspective view of metal frame components
iconostasis project, orthodox architecture, sacred architecture,sketch design
Perspective view of the iconostasis in axes 1-6
The general style of the iconostasis is made in Byzantine and Neo-Byzantine style, which corresponds to the architecture of the church. The reverse (altar) side, in addition to the marble friezes, has a plastered surface, which will either allow to paint it or leave it as decorative plaster. The project meets all technical requirements, regulations and calculated load, as well as liturgical and iconographic principles of composition, decoration, ornaments and symbols.
iconostasis project, orthodox architecture, sacred architecture,sketch design, tracings
Tracing of the details:

Project Manager: Dmitry Ostroumov.
Architect: Valeria Sikorskaya
Artist: Irina Brel