Iconostasis for the church of the protection

of the Mother of God

This iconostasis has two tiers, topped with a four-pointed cross. It is decorated with half-columns with carved capitals and bases, carved ornaments, and multicolored painted rosettes. Structurally, the iconostasis has a load-bearing reinforced brick wall. All the carved stone decoration is attached to this wall. In the place of the icon boards, there will be frescoes. They will be painted on the prepared surface directly on the load-bearing wall. To the right of the iconostasis is a carved wooden Crucifix. Behind it, there is a fresco depicting the Mother of God and Saint John the Theologian (here shown in black and white outline). To the left of the iconostasis is a large icon case for a locally venerated temple icon.
Project: Iconostasis for the Church of the Protection of the Mother of God
Location: Vaŭkavysk, Belarus
Head of the project: Dmitry Ostroumov
Architect and artist: Liana Pribolovets
Year: 2023