Exposition dedicated to New Martyrs and Confessors of Belarus

The year 2017 marked the 100th anniversary of the beginning of the Way of the Cross of the faithful followers of the Orthodox Christian faith in the 20th century. This memorable page in the history of the Russian Orthodox Church, which began with the Revolution and persecution for the faith, was marked by a host of saints who did not bow heads before the yoke of godlessness and confessed their allegiance to Christ and the Church. Thanks to the Christian feat of the clergy and laity, the Church today openly witnesses the Orthodox faith as an unshakable spiritual foundation of human life, the truth of which is confirmed by the blood of saints.

Hundreds of thousands of people, from simple peasants to noble families and royalty, went up to Calvary after Christ, so that today we continue their feat, reviving the true faith in people's hearts and basing our lives on the commandments of goodness, love, and justice. Decades later, the Golgotha of the New Martyrs and Confessors became the key to the resurrection of church life in our Fatherland. Indeed, it is our duty to honor the heroes of godliness not only by recognizing their holiness, but also by speaking as widely as possible about the historical epoch and the lives of people who preserved our land's faith and culture.

Belarus is glorious for its Synaxis of New Martyrs and Confessors, too. Being in the same family of all the saints of the Russian Orthodox Church who professed the Orthodox faith during the years of persecution, the Belarusian saints represent for us the greatest importance as our compatriots and as prayerful advocates for us before God. Their exact number is still hidden, as are many of their names. Some of them remained unknown to people, but glorified by the Lord; we know very little about some of them, only from the NKVD reports; there is more information preserved about others, on the basis of which we can make a full verbal portrait of the saint...

The exhibition is presented both on 80×200mm rollups, used indoors, and on large street banners, located on the territory adjacent to a church.

Design concept, work with texts and archive materials:
Team © Prohram Studio.
Authors: Dmitry and Ekaterina Ostroumov
Graphic design, layout: E. Shabad