Small architectural forms

Entrance group for the Okhtyrka Holy Trinity Monastery

This design of the entrance group was made for the Okhtyrka Holy Trinity Monastery of the Sumy diocese of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. The entrance group is designed on the site of the old gates and built into the brick fence. This small architectural form is an arched structure measuring 1810 x 3780 mm in plan. Its height is 4000 mm up to the base of the crowning cross, and 4980 mm with a cross. Inside, on the sides, small benches are provided, 1000 mm wide. There, the visitors of the monastery can wait for the monk, or sit and talk. Also, one can hide from the rain there.

The entrance group is constructed of brick placed on a reinforced concrete foundation. Above, there is a roof made of andesite, fixed on a polymeric material lying on a metal frame.

From the main facade, there are two arched window openings with decorative lattices and a central entrance opening. Above these three arches, there is a stone arched three-part molding. There is a similar molding on another facade, too. Also, there are decorative round carved stone rosettes on the main facade. On both facades, there is a mosaic icon in a niche above. Below, along the entire outer and inner perimeter, there is a stone lining. The walls expand towards the bottom at the corners.

Inside there is a decorated metal door with a metal frame and reveal. Also, inside there is an opening decorative metal arched window. Like a door, it opens into the territory of the monastery. It can be used to see who has come to the monastery. On the reverse (internal) facade, there is a niche for mosaics. The interior space is covered with brick vaults. There is a cornice under the roof, formed by two brick protrusions of 65 mm each. On top, on the andesite roof, there is a metal cross placed on a stone base.

Fragment of the plan, sections, facades
Project: Entrance group for the Okhtyrka Holy Trinity Monastery
Location: Sumy Oblast, Ukraine
Stage: Draft design
Year: 2021
Architects: Dmitry Ostroumov, Evgenia Boglova