Project of the interior for Saint Gabriel of Samtavro baptismal church

The interiors of the Saint Gabriel of Samtavro church in Minsk reference the Georgian ornamental design. First, this is due to the dedication of the church to the saint of the Georgian Orthodox Church. Secondly, it takes into account the ascetic appearance of the building itself.
The altar barrier is designed in the style of ancient iconostases, known for their simplicity and rigor of forms. The main material is ash. There are also elements of oxidized and patinated copper, inserts of brass and glass (fusing).
The floor consists of stone-masonry with an ornamental circle in the center. It creates harmony with the overall design of the temple.
Portable pieces of furniture were designed for the prayer hall. These are the central analogion, the table for Litiya, the requiem table, benches, and the donation box. They are all made of wood with decorative carvings. They also have inserts made of copper, brass, and glass. The top of the requiem table is made of marble and brass. The altar, the prothesis, the candlestick, the cupboards were designed for the sanctuary. The altar and the prothesis, are made of wood, they have stone bases and are covered with marble slabs. They also have brass elements and carved stone inserts. The candlestick is made of patinated metal, composite material and brass, it has seven glass lamps.
The barrier of the choir gallery has brass and stained-glass inserts.
The temple is illuminated by two 'corona lucis' candleholders, wall sconces and hanging lamps on the iconostasis. The text of the Great Doxology in Church Slavonic is carved through brass plates of the large 'corona lucis'. The font is designed in the style of the Georgian alphabet.
The load-bearing columns are decorated with light carvings and metal plates. Decorative plaster is supposed to be used on the walls. Along the perimeter, the church is covered with panels made of plaster with inlaid stones and tiles.
The interior of the church is made in the spirit of the Georgian tradition, combining asceticism and modernity.
Elements of the decoration of the church facade were also designed.
Location: Minsk, Belarus
Head of the project: Dmitry Ostroumov
Artists: Irina Brel, Andrei Strotsau
Architect: Liana Pribolovets
Year: 2022