Skete Church

A wooden church for the hermitage of St. Elisha Lavrishevo Monastery. The initial condition was the specified configuration of the foundation and three first rows of logs, after which the client had decided not to continue building on his own, but to appeal to the architect.

The church is quite small, for the few brethren of the monastery's hermitage. However, there is also a choir gallery on the second tier; there is an exit to the bell tower, which offers a beautiful view; a heating system with a wood stove has been installed.

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Project: Wooden Church.
Location: the hermitage of St. Elisha Lavrishevo Monastery, Novogrudsk district, v. Hniesičy, Belarus
Capacity: 50 people
Total area: 67 m²
Stage: construction project
Year: 2017

Architecture: Dmitry Ostroumov, Galina Zhukovskaya (blueprints)