"House of the Lord", an exhibition of contemporary Christian art on display in Suzdal

In Suzdal Kremlin Museum (Suzdal, Russia) an exhibition of contemporary Christian art opened on August 4. It is organized by:
  • Vladimir Suzdal Museum Reserve;
  • Guild of Church Builders, curator - Igor Kondratovich;
  • Studio Prohram, head of the studio - Dmitry Ostroumov.
Other participants are:
  • Andrey Anisimov, architect and member of the Guild of Church Builders;
  • Katarios, Center for the Promotion of the Development of Culture, Art and Historical Education, and its head Ekaterina Tsvetkova.
The exhibition is also supported by the Expert Council for Church Art, Architecture and Restoration. Its head is Father Leonid Kalinin.
The main goal of the project is to show to the residents and guests of Suzdal the diversity of contemporary Orthodox art. It presents the artistic decisions and creative research by masters of different schools and trends.
Among those present at the opening of the exhibition were:
  • Archpriest Leonid Kalinin, head of the Expert Council for Church Art, Architecture and Restoration;
  • Archpriest Andrei Yurevich, main architect of the Financial and Economic Department of the Russian Orthodox Church;
  • Hieromonk Arseni (Smirnov), dean of the city of Suzdal, prior of the Saviour Monastery of Saint Euthymius;
  • Sergei Sakharov, head of Suzdal city administration;
  • Irina Yazykova, prominent art expert;
  • Svetlana Gnutova, head of the Applied Arts Sector of Andrey Rublev Central Museum of Ancient Russian Culture and Art;
  • Other guests and artists.
The exhibition will last until September 11, 2022 at the address Suzdal, Kremlin street, 20. (09.00-19.00).

The works of more than 35 artists and creative teams are on display at the exhibition. Among them are S. Nekrasov, Irina Zaron, "Kavida-master", V. Borisenko, "Grebennikov Studio", A. Soldatov, "Sodeistvie" Studio, A. Chashkin, P. Nedostupenko, Fr Alexei Trunin, I. Kuzmina-Gogaeva, O. Pervov, S. Shikhachevsky, O. Skupchenko, D. Smirnova and others.

Separately presented are the Christian works of artists S. Alexandrov and S. Eloyan. They are part of the collection of Archpriest Andrei Yurevich.
Photos by Elena Shestakova (Vladimir Suzdal Museum Reserve) and Dmitry Ostroumov.
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