Our work on this project began with making changes to the architectural design of the parish complex. According to the technical assignment we could not violate the planning design, the tectonics of the main volumes, the shape of the dome with a tholobate and the general plan. Thus, the entire design process had a strictly defined framework. However, based on the materials that the customer initially had, we still managed to bring the church to its proper form.

The church is being built on the site of the former prisoner of war camp Stalag 352 (1941-1944), where more than 80,000 people died. Near the territory of the church there is a memorial and mass graves.

The temple is designed for 500 people, with a lower church for 100 people and a small baptistery in the basement. Nearby there is a clergy house with a school and a museum and an entrance group with a bell tower.
Project: Exaltation of the Holy Cross Church
Location: Timiryazev street, Minsk, Belarus
Capacity: 500 people
Total area of the church: 805 m²
Stage: completed
Year: 2015 (project), 2020 (built)
The black and white images represent the stage of the project which the customer initially had. According to the design assignment, we had to make minor changes, while retaining the concept of architectural volumes and the planning schemes.
We changed the facades of the church and the base of the tholobate. We placed an octagon on the quadrangle, on which the tholobate itself stands. Also, the tholobate was slightly decreased in diameter. New decorative elements appeared - pilasters, cornices, etc. The entrance portal at the narthex was changed. The planning was slightly changed to follow all necessary standards. The ramp has been replaced by an elevator, providing barrier-free access to the datum level and to the lower temple.

The façades of the clergy house have also been changed, the floor plans have been worked out in detail. Tectonics and proportions of the bell tower have been changed, too.
On the first sketch, this design was proposed for a tholobate with a dome and windows cut into the roof on the choir loft. However, a prerequisite for the project was to follow the given shape of the dome. It had to stand on a tholobate in a straight line without arches.

Building process:
Architecture: Dmitry Ostroumov (making changes), Galina Zhukovskaya (working drawings)
Constructor: Dmitry Shashok
Project support: LLC "Architectural workshop "Aprel"