The church in the Moscow region

Project: an experimental concept of a project for the Moscow region with 4 options
Stage: concept
Head of the project, author: Dmitry Ostroumov
3D artist: Georgiy Goncharov
Year: 2023
This project responds to a request for a completely new architecture with elements of bionics. At the same time, it reflects the tradition of Orthodox architecture. It was developed taking into account the connection to the master layout plan. The lower floor is entirely dedicated to public and parish spaces. They are all housed within a large stylobate. The main volume of the temple is located on this stylobate. In the first three options, it is a kind of basilica structure with different variations of arched designs. The basilica then turns into the main quadrangle, which is also arched. The fourth option is an almost completely centric scheme of volume and space.

The concept was developed hastily and is a kind of 3D sketch that requires further working out.
Option 1:
Option 2:
Option 3:
Option 4: