The image of the light

Architecture has always been a sacred craft. It contains and reflects the highest archetypes of the universe, culture, and the life of society. The architects have always tried to reflect the principles of the world order and philosophical categories. This gave rise to sacred architecture. The temple, combining heavenly existence and the realities of human culture, became its symbol. For centuries, many philosophers and mystics have searched for the philosopher's stone. But alchemical exploration and mystical traditions are meaningless if they do not lead to the Gold that reflects the Truth and reveals it. “Where is the good of a street if it does not lead to the church?” This cornerstone is already present in the sacramental basis of the temple building.

In this installation, salt bricks on a white platform symbolize matter that needs to be cultivated and transformed through creativity. They are presented in the form of steps rising upward. The rest of the space is occupied by models of churches on a mirror base. In this mirror, one can see both one's reflection and the reflection of the sky. One can also see a reflection of the surrounding space, that is, of culture. In fact, this is what any church should convey in its architecture. On the steps, there is a temple, an image of the highest Light. Rather, it is an archetype of a temple, expressed in the usual form. Any temple is a complex symbol. Its main components are the symbol of Man, the symbol of the Cosmos and the symbol of the Church. Also, there is the presence of God as the Absolute that transforms everything.

There are some key materials used for the installation. These are salt, yellow gold (sulphur), mirror (mercury), and gold on the dome, as the highest metaphysical world. Thus, the Christian temple is presented as an authentic philosopher's stone, which the mystics were looking for. Here it is found, and it is Christ. Salt means matter, the body. The upper level, the foundation, the basis, means the soul, symbolized by yellow gold or sulfur. The temple itself symbolizes the spirit and is covered by a mirror surface, or mercury. It is crowned with a golden tholobate, a dome, and a cross. This symbolizes Divinity, or the highest metaphysical world, the true ontology.

Our projects always strive for the highest ideal, a single archetype of a temple created by God Himself. But they have different forms of expression and composition. The rhythm, accents, dominants, interweaving spaces, and architectonics vary, too. This is because the visible world around us is the sphere where this highest ideal manifests itself and expresses itself through the creativity of the architect.
Developed by the Guild of Church Builders, in particular Andrey Anisimov Workshops and Prohram Studio.
Head of the project: Andrey Anisimov
Author of the concept, supervisor: Dmitry Ostroumov