Saint Tryphon church in Naprudnoe

Храм мученика Трифона в Напрудном

Saint Tryphon church in Naprudnoe, Moscow, is dated 1492. This is an example of the early Moscow church architecture. It is considered the first Russian pillarless white-stoned church with cross vaults. Such a ceiling allowed for the most use of space in this very small church. Inside there is a beautiful vaulting and an overview of the iconostasis. The facades have a three-bladed ending with a kokoshnik. The church is crowned with one brick dome.

Even on a Sunday morning the church is not crowded. The liturgy goes on, the choir of three is singing. Everything is dignified, quiet and prayerful. The church itself plunges us into the legends of the ancient Moscovia that its stones preserve. And deeper than that - into the timeless liturgical mystery.

Kokoshnik is a semicircular or keel-like exterior decorative element in the Old Russian architecture.
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